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What We Do

Network Administration

SOHO-PEI provides services including the selection, installation, maintenance, and protection of local area networks (LANs) including installation of the data and voice cables. We specialize in connecting networks to the Internet with high speed links, while protecting them from potential hackers, malware and viruses. If you’re a small business, we can also help you define and implement a security system that will minimize the risk to your computer equipment and data.

We can help you connect your Windows PCs, Laptops, Servers, and Macs. We can also recommend hardware and software for your network. We lean toward reliable solutions that will keep your computers running as quickly and efficiently as possible. SOHO-PEI can help you to design the network that best suits your needs.


SOHO-PEI customers benefit from expert installation, proven networking products and knowledgeable and responsive technical support.

Networking From the Ground Up

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